Video | What is the reason behind the decreasing desire among Europeans to have children?

Spain is not a country for children: 2023 was the year with the fewest births on record and it is the second country in Europe with the lowest fertility rate, just ahead of Malta, with 1.29 children per woman. Despite variations in data by country (the average is 1.50), the trend shows that the European population is aging at an accelerated pace. Among the reasons women have for not having children are work conditions, gender inequality, and advancements in sexual freedoms in recent decades, leading many to even choose sterilization. Some governments, particularly those led by right-wing parties advocating for traditional family values, are implementing measures to counteract the progress of this phenomenon. This is the main report of the new installment of ARTE Europa Semanal, the news program produced by Arte that airs weekly on EL PAÍS and can be viewed in the video of this news article.

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