Un individuo es condenado a seis años de prisión por agredir sexualmente a una mujer en los baños de una discoteca en Barcelona.

A man accused of sexually assaulting a young woman in the bathroom of Pachá nightclub in Barcelona, in May 2022, has accepted a six-year prison sentence on Thursday. The accused, in provisional custody since June 2022, admitted the facts this morning before the Barcelona Court. After reaching an agreement of conformity by the parties, the court issued an oral final judgment, avoiding the trial.

The public prosecutor initially requested 10 years in prison for the accused, for forcing the young woman – whom he met at the party that same night – to enter a disabled bathroom and anally penetrate her despite the “strong opposition” of the victim, who “kept begging him to stop, as it was causing her a lot of pain.” In addition, the defendant must compensate the victim with an amount of 10,000 euros and is prohibited from approaching or communicating with her within a distance of 1,000 meters for five years, in addition to the prison sentence. Furthermore, he will be under supervised release for eight years.

The incident occurred on May 2, 2022, at Pachá nightclub. The victim was partying with two friends when, around 4:00 in the morning, the accused, accompanied by another guy, approached to start a conversation with the young woman, according to the prosecution’s report. The prosecution states that the accused insisted to the victim to get intimate with her, and eventually she “agreed to give him some kisses in the disabled bathroom of the nightclub, hoping that he would then stop bothering her.”

The prosecution states that once inside the disabled bathroom, “the accused, with lustful intent, pounced on the victim and, turning her forcefully, lifted her dress and lowered her pants, attempting to penetrate her from behind despite her strong opposition.” The young woman, the document adds, “kept begging him to stop, as it was causing her a lot of pain,” but the accused, far from accepting the victim’s pleas, grabbed her waist, lifted her onto the sink, wet her anal orifice with water, and finally managed to penetrate her without ejaculating. The public prosecutor adds that a security guard arrived at the bathroom of the nightclub, at which point the young woman seized the opportunity to free herself from the accused and seek help from the nightclub staff.

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