Un gato fue encontrado con vida una semana después del devastador incendio en un edificio de Valencia, España.

The Municipal Firefighters of València and the Local Police found a cat named Coco alive on Friday in the Campanar building where a tragic fire occurred a week ago, resulting in the deaths of ten people. The pet has been handed over in a carrier to its owner, a neighbor of the building who greeted the animal with tears of joy and emotion. She couldn’t stop hugging it, still incredulous at the reunion and survival of the feline.
According to posts by the Local Police and the Firefighters on the social network X, the animal had taken refuge on the 11th floor of the fire-damaged building, two floors above where its owner lived, and was discovered by the officers conducting recovery work of belongings and documents.
The animal was found in the dry riser inlet, an installation typically found in buildings of significant height for the exclusive use of firefighters. This was explained by the firefighters, who had entered the building to search for valuable items belonging to other neighbors who wished to retrieve them from their apartment. Following the map drawn by these owners, they reached the residence, but they were alerted by the nearby meowing of a cat until they finally located it. On Thursday, the local police and firefighters were searching for the owner of a macaw they had found alive in the building.
Sources from the Local Police detailed to EL PAÍS this week that the environmental unit had not “been able to conduct a count of the animals in the building,” although some testimonies collected by this newspaper suggest there could be dozens. The animal protection organization Alternativa Felina has provided its own estimate, mentioning 84 deceased companion animals, but City Hall sources have refuted that figure, clarifying that there is no official tally. Animal shelters state they have received calls from victims reporting the loss of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, and even a turtle. Some private veterinary clinics have opened their doors for free to care for animals affected by the fire, while the City Council has made municipal shelters available to those who were left homeless to temporarily house their pets while they are relocated.

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