Two women in their seventies found dead in a house in León, apparently due to inhaling carbon monoxide.

Two women, aged 73 and 72, were found dead on Friday in a house in Toreno (León, with 2,898 inhabitants), apparently due to carbon monoxide poisoning, as they were located in a room of the house where there was a coal boiler. According to SER, they were two sisters, one of whom lived in Barcelona and had traveled to Toreno to take her sister, who normally resides in a care home, to the doctor, and they decided to spend the night in the family home, where they lost their lives. Just before noon, the Operational Service Center of the Civil Guard of León contacted the 112 emergency service of Castilla y León to report the deaths of two people in a home, according to emergency service sources. During the call, they indicated that it could be carbon monoxide poisoning, as the victims were found in an area of the house where there was a coal boiler. The 112 emergency center notified the Local Police of Toreno, the Ponferrada Firefighters, and the Health Emergency Services-Sacyl, who sent a basic life support ambulance and medical personnel from the municipality’s health center. The medical staff confirmed the deaths of the two women.

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