This is how we reported the draw between Valencia and Real Madrid at Mestalla.

In an intense match at Mestalla, Valencia and Real Madrid ended in a 2-2 draw. The game saw Hugo Duro open the scoring with a header, followed by Yaremchuk extending the lead for the home team after taking advantage of a mistake by Dani Carvajal. Just before halftime, Vinicius narrowed the gap for the Whites, and in the second half, he equalized with another header after a cross to the far post. Following the Brazilian’s second goal, the score remained level. The match was marked by controversy in the final moments when the central referee blew the final whistle just seconds before a cross ended with a goal by Bellingham, which would have completed the comeback but did not count.

Controversy Description

With the seven minutes of stoppage time already elapsed, Real Madrid earned a corner kick advantage. Referee Gil Manzano indicated that he would only allow the corner to be taken before signaling the end of the match. Valencia’s defense cleared the ball, but possession fell back to Madrid. At that moment, instead of concluding the game, Manzano hesitated briefly while the play continued. Eventually, he decided to end the match while Madrid had delivered a new cross into the box, which Bellingham connected with, a goal that would have completed the comeback.

End of Live Updates

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Madrid falls just short in a confusing end by the referee

Ancelotti: “It seems like a mistake”

“If he blows the whistle after the clearance, everything is fine, but he let it continue because we had possession, I think it’s a mistake,” Ancelotti said about the final play of the match.

Duro on the referee controversy: “I don’t understand why he didn’t end the game after the corner”

“I don’t understand why he didn’t end the game after the corner, as that’s what he had said,” Hugo Duro commented at the end of the match regarding the refereeing controversy. The Valencia striker was referring to the decision by the referee to allow play to continue after Valencia cleared the corner kick, only to then decide to end the match when Madrid initiated another attack.

Controversy over the conclusion

Real Madrid scored in the dying moments, but the referee had already blown the final whistle just moments before the cross was sent into the box. All the Madrid players confronted Gil Manzano.

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