The Valencian government grants the Generalitat Distinction to the building janitor in Campanar for his “exemplary conduct” following the fire.

Carlos Mazón, President of the Generalitat, and María José Catalá, the Mayor of Valencia, have agreed to honor Julián García Antón, the doorman of the buildings engulfed in flames in the Campanar neighborhood of Valencia, for his heroic act of alerting the neighbors and saving many lives. The President of the Generalitat will propose in the upcoming Plenary Session of the Consell to award Julián García Antón with the Distinction of the Generalitat “for his exemplary and courageous behavior” on the afternoon of February 22, when the residential buildings caught fire. Julian had been working as a doorman in this 14-story and 10-story complex since 2009 and played a crucial role in evacuating the residents by knocking on doors to warn them that their homes had become a death trap due to the fire. “The most impactful case was that of door 72, where an elderly woman lived, because when I opened the main door, a blast of flame hit me. Oh my God! I grabbed the lady and got her out,” he recounted days after the incident. The Decree creating the Distinction of the Generalitat acknowledges that this award can be received, either collectively or individually, by those who save people in serious danger as a result of a disaster or any other situation, or who contribute significantly to the restoration of normalcy in disaster-stricken areas, as well as individuals, both physical and legal entities, who have excelled in their values of coexistence, humanism, commitment to solidarity, and helping others. Likewise, the Consell will give special recognition to the work done by all the professionals who were involved in the tragic event and who carried out diligent and commendable work.

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