The PP will request the resignation of President Francina Armengol in Congress on Monday in Spain.

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Congress, Miguel Tellado, declared on Sunday that the PP will register a letter on Monday in the lower house demanding the immediate resignation of the President of the Congress, Francina Armengol, “due to her clear involvement” in the Koldo case. “All signs indicate that she collaborated with the scheme and attempted to deceive the EU by requesting that it cover the cost of this fraud with community funds,” stated the popular leader, emphasizing that for democratic cleanliness, Armengol must resign as soon as possible because “she has played with the money, health, and intelligence of the Spanish people.”

According to the PP’s representative, the Koldo case is the Sánchez case: “This is not the Koldo case, this is not the Ábalos case, this is the Sánchez case, because all those involved are individuals extremely close to the President of the Government, and they are individuals who have a direct connection with him.”

In his view, “Armengol is causing enormous harm” to the Congress and “devaluing the prestige of an institution that should be well above all of this.” He added that Armengol should never have been appointed president because her political career was already “weighed down” by two scandals: “Having violated the lockdown that she herself decreed and a case of abuse of underage wards.”

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