Rosa Pérez Garijo recibe el apoyo del 60% de la asamblea extraordinaria en España para liderar EUPV.

Rosa Pérez Garijo, a prominent politician and university professor, has received an overwhelming endorsement of 60% of the extraordinary assembly to lead EUPV (Esquerra Unida del País Valencià). With this victory, she becomes the first woman to lead this political party in the Valencia Community.

Pérez Garijo’s election as the head of EUPV represents a significant change in Valencian politics and a reinforcement of the fight for gender equality in today’s society. Her professional trajectory and commitment to social justice and human rights have been fundamental in earning the support of the assembly.

Since her beginnings in politics, Rosa Pérez Garijo has stood out for her work in defending workers’ rights, protecting the environment, and fighting political corruption. Her experience as an educator has allowed her to understand the needs of the population and develop realistic and equitable proposals.

During her acceptance speech, Pérez Garijo has reaffirmed her commitment to building a more just and solidarity-based society, based on the principles of equality and well-being for all. She has emphasized the importance of unity within the party to confront current challenges and strengthen the advancement of the left in the Valencia Community.

With the election of Rosa Pérez Garijo at the helm of EUPV, a renewal in the party’s political strategy is expected, as well as greater visibility in the Valencian political landscape. Her leadership promises to be a boost for the construction of a more just, sustainable, and progressive society in the region.

In summary, the election of Rosa Pérez Garijo as the leader of EUPV represents an important milestone in Valencian politics and a commitment to progress, equality, and the defense of citizens’ rights. Her trajectory and commitment to left-wing values make her a prominent figure in the Spanish political panorama.

The election of the new political leadership of Esquerra Unida del País Valencià (EUPV) has concluded with 60% support for the candidacy led by the current general coordinator, Rosa Pérez Garijo, Continuem Endavant: Fent País. Meanwhile, the other candidacy, Per una EUPV Transformadora i de la Militància, headed by Pedro Mario Pardo Amorós, councilor of El Campello (Alicante), has obtained 40% of the votes. Specifically, Pérez Garijo’s list has received 640 votes, compared to Pardo’s list with 435 votes.

The assembly process, which began last December and was expected to renew the National Political Council, the Sindicatura de Greuges, and the Reviewing Commission of Accounts, has been carried out in a peaceful atmosphere of respect and confidence between both candidacies. The current executive in functions congratulates the members of both candidacies for this reason.

On March 9th, the first meeting of the new National Political Council will take place, marking the start of a new political cycle in the organization.

The current executive in functions of EUPV expresses their desire for the new leadership to be inclusive, where both currents of thought are represented in an atmosphere of trust and respect, with the aim of strengthening the organization and working together to achieve more rights and a better quality of life for the working class in the Valencian Country.

EUPV ran in coalition with Podemos in the last regional elections but failed to obtain representation in the Valencian Parliament.

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