Resumen del conflicto entre Israel y Gaza: Guerra estallada el 11/12/2023 en España.

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The intensification of the conflict between Israel and Gaza has led to an escalation of violence that has been emphatically condemned by international leaders and organizations. Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, expressed deep concern on Monday about the situation in southern Gaza, where Israeli bombings, he said, have been as devastating, if not more so, than those in the north.
Meanwhile, several UN ambassadors have traveled to Egypt to visit the Rafah border crossing and assess the living conditions of the people in Gaza. “The reality is much worse than can be conveyed in words,” said Ecuador’s representative to the UN, José de la Gasca. “Enough is enough,” said China’s representative to the organization, Zhang Jun, regarding the US veto of the UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Palestinian enclave. The UN General Assembly plans to vote on another non-binding resolution on Tuesday calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Strip.
The number of casualties continues to rise: according to the Gaza Ministry of Health, controlled by Hamas, there have been 18,205 deaths and 49,645 injuries since the start of the conflict on October 7. In addition, the UN has warned of multiple attacks on healthcare facilities in Gaza over the weekend, including one that injured the director general of the Pharmacy Department of the Gaza Ministry of Health. On the other hand, the Israeli Army has confirmed the death of over 100 soldiers in the ground offensive in Gaza, with four new casualties in recent clashes.
In the midst of this crisis, Israel has announced the opening of another border crossing with Gaza, Kerem Shalom, with the intention of increasing the amount of humanitarian aid entering the Strip. The Israeli government has urged the UN to move the aid trucks that are piling up at the Rafah crossing to Kerem Shalom.
Politically, France, Germany, and Italy have called on the European Union to implement a special sanctions plan against Hamas. This call seeks a stronger commitment to combating the infrastructure and financial support of the Islamist militia, as well as delegitimizing and isolating it internationally.
In addition, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, has announced the evacuation of six Spanish-Palestinians and their families from Gaza, joining over a hundred who have already left the enclave. “Today I have good news for Spain, 12 Palestinians, six Spanish-Palestinians and six of their relatives, have been able to leave Gaza through Rafah and are currently heading to Cairo,” Albares announced. According to diplomatic sources, very few Spanish-Palestinian citizens remain there, “a few dozen” of whom refuse to leave the territory.

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