Resumen del conflicto entre Israel y Gaza el 27 de diciembre de 2023.

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Israel is concerned about the actions of Hezbollah on its northern border, which have forced tens of thousands of Israelis out of their homes. On Wednesday, Benny Gantz, one of the most important ministers in the government coalition, warned the Lebanese government that if they don’t take action against Hezbollah, “the Israeli forces will.” Israel has been bombing positions of the Shiite coalition in southern Lebanon since the beginning of the invasion.
Meanwhile, the situation in the occupied West Bank continues to worsen. At least six Palestinians have been killed and one more critically injured by Israeli soldiers’ gunfire during clashes that broke out early Wednesday morning as a result of military raids in the northern West Bank, according to Palestinian official sources.
On the other hand, Hamas has responded to statements from Iranian sources blaming Tehran for organizing the October 7th attacks, in which over a thousand people (mostly Israelis) were killed and another two hundred were kidnapped. The Islamist organization has insisted once again that they were the sole perpetrators of the attack.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has denounced in a lengthy statement on Wednesday the difficult situation of hospitals in the southern Gaza Strip, and has warned that the growing influx of refugees within the Palestinian enclave will further worsen the situation.

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