Resumen del conflicto entre Israel y Gaza: 16/12/2023

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The Israeli army has admitted on Saturday that the three hostages of the Palestinian militia, who were killed “by mistake” in Gaza, were holding a white flag when they were shot, according to the initial investigation into the incident. The hostages were attacked without respecting Israel’s rules of engagement, admitted Richard Hetch, spokesperson for foreign media of the Israeli army. The incident occurred in an area of intense fighting where Hamas militants operate disguised as civilians and use tactics to deceive Israeli troops, justified Hetch.

In the afternoon, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted that new negotiations are taking place to recover the hostages held by Hamas in Gaza after his head of intelligence of the Mossad met with the prime minister of Qatar, a country that mediates with the Palestinian militia. Netanyahu claimed that maintaining “military pressure” in Gaza helped to close the hostage release agreement in November. “The instruction I am giving to the negotiating team is based on this pressure, without which we have nothing,” said Netanyahu.

Similarly, Qatar has stated that there are “diplomatic efforts” to try to agree on a new ceasefire in Gaza that would allow for the release of more hostages held by Palestinian prisoners. “Qatar has expressed its hope of harnessing the progress made to reach a comprehensive and sustainable agreement to end the war,” the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

Several thousand people protested in the evening in Tel Aviv in front of the Ministry of Defense headquarters to pressure the Israeli government and demand the release of the hostages held by Hamas. Shortly before, the relatives of the hostages who remain in Gaza gathered to issue a joint statement. “We demand that the war cabinet speak with us and explain that they are not waiting for an offer from the US, Qatar, or anyone else. The Government of Israel needs to be active, put an offer on the table including the prisoners to ensure the safe return of the hostages,” pleaded the relatives.

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