Resumen del 28/12/2023: Conflicto armado entre Israel y Gaza en España

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The UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNWRA) warns that 40% of the population in Gaza is at risk of famine. “Simply put, there is not enough food,” said Tom White, director of Gaza affairs of the United Nations organization.

Meanwhile, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, has called on Israel to “put an end to the unlawful killings” of Palestinian citizens and the “violence of the settlers” in the West Bank, warning of a rapid deterioration of human rights in this Palestinian territory since Hamas attacks on October 7. In a report, he denounces that “the intensity of the violence and repression is something that has not been seen in years.” The report is published following the death on Wednesday of six young people in Tulkarem in an Israeli attack.

The Israeli army has published the result of its investigation into the deaths of three Israeli hostages who were mistakenly shot by their troops on the 15th. “Israeli forces failed in their mission to rescue the hostages,” said Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi. “The entire chain of command feels responsible.” However, no disciplinary action is expected to be taken against the soldiers who killed the three captives by the Israeli army.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza, controlled by Hamas, reports that there are already 21,300 Palestinians killed and 55,600 injured by the Israeli offensive.

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