Resumen del 23/12/2023: Descripción de los enfrentamientos entre Israel y Gaza

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a phone conversation with US President Joe Biden, where he thanked the US for its position at the UN Security Council. The Council approved a resolution last Friday to call for more humanitarian aid for the Gaza Strip. Initially, the text requested a ceasefire in Gaza, but US demands diluted the initial ambition of the resolution.
On the other hand, the Israeli Prime Minister clashed with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres over the same resolution. Israeli Minister Eli Cohen interpreted the text as a call to UN agencies to be more effective in the distribution of humanitarian supplies, while the Secretary-General denounced that the way Israel carries out its offensive creates “massive obstacles” to the “urgent” distribution of aid, making it difficult to comply with the resolution. The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, has welcomed the UN Security Council resolution in favor of unimpeded and secure entry of aid into the Gaza Strip.
Furthermore, Hamas has stated in a statement that in just 24 hours, the Israeli army has killed 201 Palestinians and injured another 364. The death toll from the Israeli offensive since October 7th has now reached 20,258. In total, there are 53,688 injured in the Gaza Strip.

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