Resumen de la situación bélica entre Israel y Gaza: 17/12/2023

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The Kerem Shalom border crossing, located in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, has opened for the first time on Sunday since the beginning of the conflict to allow the access of humanitarian aid, according to a spokesperson from the Israeli Prime Minister’s office. “This will increase the daily volume of humanitarian aid entering Gaza and being delivered to the population,” announced an agency from the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Dozens of Gazans have stormed humanitarian aid trucks at the Rafah crossing in the south, as the food crisis in the Strip worsens. Various images and videos, distributed through media outlets like Al Jazeera, show some individuals climbing on top of the vehicles to distribute the packages of humanitarian aid to those waiting below.

Throughout the day, over 100 people have died due to Israeli bombings in the Gaza Strip, as reported by several Palestinian authorities. In the Yabalia refugee camp alone, located in the northern part of the enclave, at least 90 people have died.

In the morning, Hamas has stated that they will not negotiate the release of more hostages without a ceasefire in Gaza. The militia announced having conveyed their position to all mediators – Qatar, Egypt, and the United States – in the negotiations with Israel. The statement comes after the Government and the Israeli Defense Forces claimed responsibility on Saturday for the deaths of three hostages who were carrying a white flag in Gaza, amid growing pressure from the families of the abducted for a new ceasefire to allow the release of the remaining captives, estimated to be 129.

Later on, two Egyptian security sources have ensured that Israel and Hamas are open to a ceasefire and hostage exchange, though there is disagreement on the details. The Palestinian militia insists on establishing the list of hostages who will be unilaterally released and demands that Israeli forces withdraw behind several predetermined points. Israel agrees to let Hamas establish the list, but refuses to withdraw. “We will fight until the end,” reiterated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this morning.

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