Mutua Madrileña aumenta su apuesta por la inversión en el sector de la movilidad sostenible en España.

Mutua Madrileña invests two million euros in one of Spain’s leading electric vehicle charger manufacturers. The insurance company has invested two million euros (50% of the funding) in V2C. The operation was carried out through Mutua Ventures, its investment arm in start-ups. Other funds, such as Tech Ventures UPV and Easo Ventures, have also joined this movement, contributing a total of four million euros.
This million-dollar funding will allow the Valencian company to expand its reach internationally. Since its inception in 2015, V2C has maintained a positive EBITDA, combining growth with profitability. In addition, they saw it as a positive move to inject money into a Spanish company that has maintained positive financial performance since its inception.
“We have a unique management model in the market, based on cutting-edge technology that is highly competitive in collaboration with local suppliers. This company integrates the entire value chain from Valencia to lead a rapidly growing market,” said V2C’s CFO, Carlos Vidal, in a press release.
Teresa Gómez, an investment partner at Easo Ventures, adds, “V2C has achieved strong and solid growth based on a commercial strategy that has allowed it to sign agreements with very relevant companies in the electric mobility industry, while maintaining its continuous capacity for innovation.”
With this funding, Mutua Ventures maintains its confidence in businesses related to sustainable mobility. In line with transportation, the insurance company has already invested in Mundimoto, one of the largest companies dedicated to motorcycle sales at a European scale.
Exactly one year ago, Mutua Madrileña launched one of its most important investments in sustainable mobility. It started Voltio, an electric car-sharing service exclusively available in Madrid under the Fiat brand. They expect to save 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide by 2025.
The Valencian company was launched eight years ago. They have managed to market more than 20,000 electric vehicle chargers, both in Spain and abroad. Over the years, they have expanded their presence to 25 countries, and in 2023 alone, they have doubled the number of employees in their workforce.
V2C has collaboration agreements with distributors from major companies such as MediaMarkt, Amazon, and AENA, becoming the official provider of large electric chargers at the Madrid and Barcelona airports. The Valencian company highlights that its electric chargers are compatible with all vehicle brands and models on the market.
As part of their strategic plan, this company plans to market 100,000 chargers in the next five years. One of V2C’s main projects is Trydan, the first electric charger in the market with triple connectivity through solar panels, smart devices, or virtual assistants, such as Alexa or Google Home.
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