En A Coruña, un agente de policía le quita la vida a un individuo armado con una barra de hierro que intentaba atacarlo.

A 35-year-old man died on Monday in A Coruña, Spain, as a result of a gunshot fired by a National Police officer in an attempt to prevent the deceased from hitting him with an iron bar, according to the police version reported by Europa Press and Efe.

The incident occurred around ten o’clock this morning in the A Grela industrial estate, where a National Police patrol was dispatched after receiving reports from several passersby that a man who was displaying extreme violence was breaking the windows of some vehicles with a blunt object.

According to various police sources, the officers asked the man, who remained “very aggressive” throughout, to stop his behavior, but he refused. The officers initially attempted to subdue him using a taser, but the large amount of clothing he was wearing made the attempt to bring him down ineffective. During the confrontation, the individual knocked down one of the officers. Once on the ground, the police officer fired his service weapon upon seeing the subject apparently lunging at him with the intention of striking him with the bar he was carrying. The gunshot resulted in the death of the aggressor. Sources from the Unified Police Union (SUP) have stated that the deceased had “numerous prior police records”. The most recent incident allegedly occurred on Friday, involving an attempted assault on an officer.

This is the second violent death that has occurred in the city of A Coruña in just over 24 hours. In the early hours of Sunday, a 22-year-old youth died from a stab wound to the chest that affected his heart, during a fight in the city center at the intersection of Juan Flórez and Sinfónica de Galicia streets. Investigators, who are analyzing footage from nearby surveillance cameras, point to a possible altercation between a few individuals, possibly only involving the perpetrator and the victim, as the main hypothesis for the cause of death. On Sunday, the police searched the garbage containers near the scene for the weapon.

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