El Barcelona prolonga su racha invicta contra el Logroño y se consagra campeón de la Copa de balonmano de España.

It doesn’t matter the name, it doesn’t matter the tournament. Barcelona continues to be unrivaled in Spanish handball. Since 2011, they have been winning the Copa de España, previously known as Copa Asobal. And this time was no different. The Catalan team lifted the trophy of the competition on Sunday by defeating BM Logroño La Rioja 31-28 at the Artaleku Sports Center in Irún. Barcelona – the leader of the ASOBAL league and the only Spanish team in the European competition – has already faced and defeated Miguel Ángel Velasco’s Riojan team this season.
Barcelona smiled, their rivals were serious. They were the favorites to lift the cup again. The final of 2015 was being repeated – only three players from that match remain in Barça’s squad – and so was the outcome. In the first half, all attacks succeeded for Logroño. But the Catalan team was on their heels, and the score was tied after every play, advancing hand in hand, point by point, answering each other in a goal dialogue for ten minutes.
But the saves of Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas for Barça blocked the shots, and the power of the wingers Dika Mem – captain, leader, and main protagonist in the goals of the match – and N’Guessan broke through Logroño’s strong defense. Carlos Ortega’s team took the lead while the opponent struggled to find space to shoot at the goal. Barça reached halftime with a four-point difference, despite the efforts and goals of Martí Soler in Riojan attacks, and the saves of Mohamed Aly.
The celebration was evident in the stands. Velasco called a timeout: Logroño had not come out focused in the second half, and Barcelona took an undeniable eight-goal lead. Although the culé team had the match under control, they couldn’t relax: both teams’ score was dangerously close. But Richardson took on the responsibility and restored confidence to Barça in a difficult moment. Nothing could prevent their victory with the final whistle.
The controversy between ASOBAL and the Spanish Handball Federation, full of uncertainty and suspense since Thursday as to whether the tournament would take place, did not overshadow Barcelona’s sweet victory. It further magnifies their unbeaten record and trophy cabinet, and extends their shadow of victories.

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