Conflicto en curso entre Israel y Gaza: más de cien gazatíes fallecen a manos de Israel, escasez de ayuda y falta de comunicación persisten

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The recent Israeli army attacks have resulted in the deaths of dozens of Palestinians, according to the official Palestinian news agency, Wafa. The bombings and fighting continue after 103 days of war between Israel and Hamas. According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, controlled by Hamas, the number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli offensive has reached 24,448, which is 163 more than the Tuesday’s count. These figures come shortly after Qatar announced an agreement between Israel and Hamas for the delivery of medicine to the Israeli hostages still held in Gaza in exchange for an increase in humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza. The supplies are expected to enter Gaza after arriving in Egypt on Wednesday. Today, the Gaza Strip remains under almost total communication and internet blackout for the sixth consecutive day. Additionally, Pakistan has recalled its ambassador to Iran following an Iranian attack on its territory on Tuesday, claiming it was against a Sunni terrorist group, according to Tehran. Meanwhile, the US has informed early this morning that it will include Houthi militias in its list of terrorist organizations as a punishment for the repeated attacks by the Yemeni rebel group on ships passing through the Red Sea.

Pakistan recalls its ambassador to Tehran after Iranian bombing on its territory

The Government of Pakistan has ordered the return of its ambassador to Tehran to Islamabad on Wednesday, while announcing the suspension of all high-level visits with Iran in response to the Tuesday bombing by Iranian forces on Pakistani territory. “This illegal act is completely unacceptable and has no justification… We have informed Iran that Pakistan has decided to recall our ambassador in Iran,” said the Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Mumtaz Zahrah Baloch, in a statement to the media.

The Iranian ambassador to Pakistan, who is currently visiting Iran, “should not return to Islamabad for the time being,” according to the spokesperson. Pakistani diplomacy has also stated that “all ongoing or planned high-level visits between Pakistan and Iran in the coming days” have been suspended by their own decision.

Pakistan is responding to the missile and drone strikes on targets of the Sunni terrorist group Yeish al Adl on Pakistani soil, which occurred yesterday apparently without authorization from the Pakistani side. “Last night’s flagrant and unprovoked violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty by Iran is a violation of international law and the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter,” the spokesperson said.

Pakistan has also warned that it reserves the right to respond reciprocally to this attack. The Pakistani Government has confirmed this morning that at least two children were killed and three girls were injured as a result of these attacks.

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