A train derails on the same section of the R4 track where the deadly Vacarisses accident occurred in 2018.

An alternative rephrased version of the text is as follows: A train from the R4 Rodalies line, traveling between Manresa and Barcelona, derailed around 7:45 am this Sunday between the Varicasses and Castellbell i el Vilar stations. Renfe reported that none of the 37 passengers were injured, and the accident, caused by a rockslide, also disrupted the normal operation of the R12 line. This incident took place on the same stretch where, in November 2018, the collapse of a retaining wall caused another accident on the R4 line, resulting in one fatality and dozens of injured passengers.
The affected passengers will be evacuated to another train running in parallel. The rockslide onto the tracks led to the derailment of the train’s first axle, as reported by Civil Protection. At the time of the incident, there were 37 passengers on board the train servicing the route from Manresa to Sant Viçens de Calders. After the accident, the passengers had to remain inside the train for an hour, and Renfe stated that by 9 am, the evacuation was completed, and everyone continued their journey on another train.
The Generalitat activated the Ferrocat Plan, designed to address such emergencies. The service operator reported that while the R4 and R12 lines were not completely interrupted, delays were inevitable due to single-track operation. Work is ongoing to remove the damaged train and clear the tracks to restore normal traffic flow. Renfe spokesperson Antonio Carmona stated on Catalan television that the timeline for restoring the R4 line to normal operations would depend on when technicians could commence work.
“It’s a dangerous spot,” said Vacarisses Mayor Antoni Massana in a brief interview with TV-3. The mayor recalled a similar incident at the same location six years ago and emphasized the need for Adif to conduct more maintenance in the area. The tragedy in 2018, which resulted in a fatality, sparked significant debates about neglect and underinvestment in certain areas of the railway network in Catalonia. The central government and the Generalitat are currently in the process of transferring the service and infrastructure to a new autonomous management company.
On November 20, 2018, a rockslide caused an accident close to the recent incident, also in Vacarisses on the R4 line. One passenger lost their life, and around thirty others were injured. In 2021, the Barcelona Court reopened the case on grounds of negligence after a Ministry of Development report contradicted the initial findings of the investigating judge, who had not identified any irregularities.

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