150 de los inmigrantes atrapados en Alborán han sido trasladados a Motril y Almería.

150 of the 192 immigrants who were stranded on Alborán, a small Spanish islet in the Mediterranean Sea, have been evacuated to the Peninsula on Thursday through three ships. The first to depart was the Salvamar Gienha, carrying 40 immigrants to the port of Motril (Granada). Due to rough sea conditions, the Salvamento Marítimo ship could not dock at the islet’s pier, so a smaller vessel transferred the Africans aboard. Around eight in the evening, two more ships departed: the Spica, from Sasemar, with 51 immigrants, and the Río Miño, from the Guardia Civil, with 50 immigrants. Both headed towards the port of Almería.
The evacuation was particularly challenging due to the rough prevailing waves in the Gibraltar Strait area throughout the week, causing delays in the operation as they waited for improved weather. Three ships were ultimately mobilized to carry out the transfers, and as of Friday night, 50 immigrants remained on the islet.
The arrival of the immigrants, many of whom are from the Maghreb region, has overwhelmed the reception capacity of a place with no permanent facilities to shelter them, nor the naval detachment, which typically consists of about ten soldiers. For a week, the Africans slept outdoors on a barren islet battered by strong winds. Despite this, the situation remained calm, according to sources, following an incident over the weekend when the skipper of one of the boats that landed on the island threatened Spanish military personnel with a weapon, leading them to fire warning shots.
Since last summer, the number of boat landings at Alborán – many of them being high-speed vessels used for drug trafficking – has increased. However, never before have they arrived in such large numbers or had to remain on the islet for so many days. The Ministry of Defense is considering the installation of prefabricated accommodations to address these emergencies. Alborán, under Spanish sovereignty, is located 54 kilometers from Cape Three Forks (Morocco) and 89 kilometers from the port of Adra (Almería).

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